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We are looking for qualified mental health providers to join our platform!

Stillharbor Wellness is a virtual mental health practice committed to linking motivated mental healthcare providers with patients who need care that fits easily into their lives. We provide the administrative support, freeing up the provider to focus on clinical work allowing them to practicing in the way they see best fit for the patient.

Our model prioritizes the provider patient relationship. We feel that medicine has become too complicated and therefore gets in the way of establishing strong therapeutic alliances. Stillharbor Wellness charges patients a flat rate of $99 per visit to maintain predictability and simplicity. Patients are provided with support if they choose to submit their receipt for out-of-network reimbursement. 

Providers at Stillharbor Wellness are independent contractors who set their own schedule, determine the length of their visits, and have full autonomy over clinical decision making. Clinicians must provide their own supervision/collaboration as required (varies by licensure and state). The AAPA has excellent resources regarding physician assistant practice regulations in each state, and there  are several services available to help link PAs and NPs with physicians. 

If you are an MD, DO, PA, NP, or therapist, submit your resume to, or contact us for more information!

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